Why shoud I use “Fabulus”?

You are a beginner

but motivated...

A minimum of theory

With “Fabulus” learn a minimum of musical theory through understanding the name of the chords and the role of each note.

How to identify chords

You are no longer a beginner

and have noticed that the chord positions you see played by stars are rarely the standard positions given by tabs...

Like the Stars

“Fabulus” helps you transcribe the chords you see on videos of great guitarists to use the same chord shape.

How to Identify Chords

You composed music by ear

and you want a written record ...

From ear to writing:

“Fabulus” gives you the names of your chords to write the charts of your compositions.

How to Identify Chords

You master the standard chords positions

and want to explore other possibilities...

Practice new chord positions

“Fabulus” contains the positions of over 100,000 chords including all reverse chords and all possible and conceivable tunings.

How to Browse the List

You want to play outside the box

and create your own chords...

Create your own chords

In “Creation-mode”, “Fabulus” shows you all the possibilities for each note from the name of the chord.

How to Create Chords

And much more ...

And much more ...And much more ...And much more ...And much more ...

Find  – Listen – Analyse – Identify – Create – Modify chords


All possible chords and tunings, all reverse chords, the Capo and a key-transposer.

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