How to identify

How to Identify chords and the role of each note ?

Fabulus screenshot Chord identification

Reversals :

  • How_Id_renversal01
  • How_Id_renversal02
  • How_Id_renversal03
  • How_Id_renversements04

symbols :

Symbols Root Fifth Third and Colors

There will be as many reversals as there are different notes in the chord. Choose the inversion which has the right root note. If you don’t know the root note, take the inversion whose root is the lowest note : here we will choose Am7.

If you are trying to reproduce a chord seen in a video, there’s two difficulties to overcome:

  1. A finger on a string can mute the string as well as play a note.
  2. The guitarist may use a particular tuning

You will therefore have to compare each of the different names Fabulus gives you, with names you find on internet tabs. Also, verify that your chord sounds according to the one in the video. And if it sounds wrong, consider that the guitarist may use a particular tuning. There your search becomes more difficult but if you are really motivated know that “Fabulus” gives you the possibility to use any tuning.

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How to create

How to create your proper chords ?

mobile application guitar chords How to create chords
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